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Marta Molnar

Girl Braiding Her Hair

Girl Braiding Her Hair

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"I had a hard time putting the book down to go to sleep at night." Kaela Mays

"The absolute best book of the year." Denise McDonald

"This book is impossible to put down and was quickly devoured!" Debbie Appleby

She didn't paint women like the men painted women. Her close friends included Van Gogh, Degas, and Renoir. Paris celebrated her as a sought-after model, until she picked up the brush herself, at a time when art schools refused to accept female students.

By the time Suzanne Valadon was 15 years old, she’d been a horse walker, a milliner, a funeral wreath maker, and a circus acrobat, but that was just the beginning of her adventures. Here is her story, along with Ellie's, a modern woman a century later at a crossroads of her life, who pulls Suzanne from the shadows of the past into the light.

Ellie is rebuilding her life after multiple major changes--a task daunting enough for any woman--but when she stumbles onto Suzanne's art, she decides to correct the injustice of history and not let the world forget one of the best artists historical Paris had to offer.

Two exceptional women, two spellbinding stories of inspiration. A brand new novel from the author of the bestselling, critically acclaimed novel of THE SECRET LIFE OF SUNFLOWERS. The perfect Book Club read!

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